Commercial Security

Protecting your Business

First Alert Professional commercial security systems significantly reduce the threat of intrusion, enhance operational efficiency, and protect your employees and your customers 24/7. Consider a few facts:

  • There is a burglary somewhere in the United States every 15 seconds.
  • Over half of all commercial burglaries occur after dark.
  • Over one third of inventory loss occurs as a result of shoplifting.
  • Experts believe that businesses lose more to employee theft than to burglary, robbery and shoplifting combined.

How do I decide how much protection is right for my business?

Sun Ray Fire & Security can evaluate and recommend security solutions for your company’s unique needs. You may consider Opening and Closing reports as a way for you to keep track of events occurring at your business. Opening and Closing reporting is a tracking system that gives business owners and managers critical information that assists in watching day to day operations. Depending on the option you select, opening/closing reports can be supplied to you monthly or weekly.

“Sun Ray technical support has been excellent, and the small issues that cropped up were addressed immediately and with great skill.”

Commercial Security systems also have the ability to be combined or integrated with Fire Alarm systems, CCTV systems and or Access Control systems. This gains the functionality of combining all systems into one network for a convenient user interface and can save on equipment and multiple account monitoring costs.

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A First Alert Professional Security System is greatly enhanced with the added benefits of central station monitoring.  At the central station, trained professionals are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week watching over your security system. If your First Alert Professional Security System detects an event, such as a fire, intrusion, or panic button notification from a night worker, it automatically transmits a message to your central monitoring facility where highly skilled operators respond. In most cases, they will attempt to verify the condition by calling you before contacting the appropriate authority. Why would they verify the alarm first? This prevents having the police, fire or emergency service come to your business unnecessarily. If it is a verified emergency, the operator can summon the appropriate emergency personnel to your business to assist you. So your business can be protected 24 hours a day, every day.


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Monitoring Services

Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.
Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.