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Our goal as the manufacturer of a high quality line of products is to have only the best dealers in our field install our exclusive product line. Through our careful research and a highly selective process, you can be assured that Honeywell only includes the best alarm installation companies in the industry.

At First Alert Professional we offer total intrusion detection customized for your unique needs. Intrusion detection identifies if a malicious activity is occurring and can send the proper signal to the central station that monitors your security system. When the central station receives a notification that an event has occurred at your house, they will attempt to verify the condition by calling your home before contacting the appropriate authority. Why would they verify the alarm first? This prevents having the police, fire or emergency service come to your home unnecessarily. If it is a real emergency, the operator can summon the appropriate emergency personnel to your home to assist you. So whether you are home or away, your home can be protected 24 hours a day, every day. When combined with fire detection and video surveillance, our systems can provide total protection from most common threats.

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U.L. Fire approved Alarm Monitoring Central Station

Monitoring Services

Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.
Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.