Monitoring Services

Sun Ray Fire & Security systems are all monitored by Home Security Management Company located in Stowe VT.  All signals from our systems communicate to the central station with either a home phone line, the internet or through a wireless Cellular Back Up.  Central station then determines the action required depending on the signal received whether it is an actual alarm, trouble condition or as a log only event. In the event of an alarm, the premise is called, if there is no answer, the proper authorities are dispatched, and then a procedure to call down a list of predetermined contacts decided by the customer at the time of installation.

Means Of Communication

Over the years the most popular means of transmitting alarm signals to the Central Monitoring Station was through the premises phone line. Advances in technology have now offered new means of communication and have caused many households to do away with a land line all together.

The advent of the internet has now allowed new ways to transmit alarm signals and gain more control of your system from offsite through a remote computer or even with smart phone technology such as Total Connect service also provided by Sun Ray Fire & Security.

Total Connect service is available with this option.





Lastly, a wireless cellular back up gives you the freedom of complete alarm transmission without the worry of losing phone or internet service. This service ensures that all signals will be transmitted.

Total Connect service is available with this option.






Reduced Insurance Premiums

Many Home Owner Insurance Companies offer discounts of up to 20% for the installation of monitored burglary and fire alarms. Check with your company to see if you qualify you for a discount.

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U.L. Fire approved Alarm Monitoring Central Station

Monitoring Services

Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.
Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.