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Honeywell’s Newest Self-Contained Security System Integrates with Z-Wave® Thermostats and Lighting:

Lynx Touch

LYNX Touch Features Security Industry’s Largest Color Graphic Touchscreen LAS VEGAS, April 6, 2011 – Honeywell’s (NYSE: HON) newest addition to its line of LYNX self-contained alarm systems features a full-color, seven-inch touchscreen and supports Z-Wave thermostats and lighting controls to give homeowners greater control over their security and other home management systems. The new LYNX Touch includes elements from best-selling products in the consumer electronics, smartphone and mobile computing industries.

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The sleek touchscreen of the LYNX Touch – the largest in the security industry – features large, clear, easy-to-read icons and menu-driven prompts that walk both homeowners and installers through operation and configuration. The simplified interface also reduces the time needed to train end users to operate the system. Additionally, using Honeywell’s 5800-Z-Wave Bridge to connect to devices that communicate via the Z-Wave protocol, LYNX Touch can set-or change thermostats or turn off lights when the system is armed.

“Advances in the consumer electronics, mobile computing and home automation markets are significantly shaping end-users’ expectations of security systems,” said Jonathan Klinger, vice president of marketing for Honeywell Security & Communications. “The new LYNX product line provides dealers with a rich and comprehensive offering to meet the needs of the broadest range of prospects in the security industry today.”

Other prominent LYNX Touch features include two-way voice over GSM radio, which makes the device ideal for cell phone-only homes or VoIP households that don’t use standard telephone landlines. Additionally, LYNX Touch is compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services, the company’s flagship remote home monitoring system that allows homeowners to access and manage their security systems from web-enabled devices including personal computers, smartphones and tablets. With Total Connect, homeowners can receive important alerts, view live streaming video, receive video event clips and control their systems remotely.

LYNX Touch also includes a Family Message Center that allows household members to record and playback voice messages for one another. The system can also be used as a convenient, hands-free speakerphone.


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