“Here at Heritage Ford, Heritage Toyota, and White River Toyota, we couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism, service, and support from the folks at Sun Ray Security. Their security pros solved a difficult problem in installing a system that could best cover a large property without busting the budget, and an extensive camera network was installed without a hitch. Sun Ray technical support has been excellent, and the small issues that cropped up were addressed immediately and with great skill. Sun Ray made fans out of everyone at Heritage Group.”

Scott Stafford
IT Manager
Heritage Automotive Group


“We were very impressed with your technician Seth who upgraded our system. He was very polite and explained the system and its functions in great detail.”

Donald and Betty Ann Lockhart
Charlotte VT



 “We are very happy with the service and professionalism of all the people at Sun Ray Security.  Ed was great with problem solving and offering several possible solutions and Seth was wonderful to work with during the installation process.”

Jean A. Mongeon
Office Manager
Gravel and Shea
Burlington VT


“The web access to our survlance system was fantastic. I had tremendous peace of mind and was much better informed than I could have been without this system. I could monitor the weather and see the snow anytime I wanted. I was able to see the footprints from the police when they checked on our home a couple of times. I could see the the exhaust from my boiler when it was running. I actually watched a guy I hired, shovel snow at my house while I was in the hotel on St Thomas. I was able to call him while he was on site and ask him to do somthing I had forgotten to communicate to him previously.

It was pretty amazing.”

Jim Prevo
Richmond, VT



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Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.
Sun Ray Fire & Security offers monitoring services. Call for a FREE quote.