Fire & Life Safety

Sun Ray Fire & Security is commited to life safety and is devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles and encourages families and children to integrate “life safety” in daily life.

Fire Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 80% of fire deaths happen in the home. As a leading provider of home security systems, we wanted to do something to reduce this alarming statistic. When fire strikes your home, authorities say you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape. It is imperative that you have a well rehearsed escape plan which includes all members of the family that are old enough to understand, and provides for those that are not. Sun Ray Fire & Security can provide a Fire Safety booklet and Fire Escape Plan for you to share with your family.

Here are some of the things to remember:

  • Don’t overload your electrical circuits. This is one of the foremost causes of fires.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.
  • Don’t smoke in bed.
  • Keep combustibles far from heat sources.
  • Don’t accumulate oil or grease soaked rags.
  • Use a fire detection and/or smoke warning system in your home.

Internet Safety Tips

The threat of Internet crime is a serious concern. Unfortunately, criminals have caught up with technology and a variety of Internet crimes are occurring regularly against adults and children. First Alert Professional is committed to public safety. Sun Ray Fire & Security can provide you with Internet Safety materials for you to share with your family.

Online Shopping (E-commerce)
When shopping online, here are some tips to remember:

  • Make sure the browser you currently use is a secure browser. On most browser toolbars, you will find a “Tools” section. Click on this section and find the “Security” Tab. Enter in the level of security you want the browser to contain. Install security updates as they are made available.
  • Check the site you plan to shop at to ensure it is a secure site; a “lock” icon on the screen will inform you that you are at a secure site.
  • Do not give out passwords, social security numbers or personal bank account information.
  • Pay by credit card.
  • Keep a record of all transactions.

Kids and the Internet
The Internet can be a fun and educational resource for children. As a parent, you should communicate with your children on what is acceptable and what is not when your child is online. By speaking with your children about the Internet, you are helping to empower them against the potential dangers lurking on the Internet.

To help protect your child:

  • Monitor your child’s use on the Internet.
  • Teach your child not to give out personal information.
  • Use filtering software.
  • Check the lists of sites that may advocate child abuse or pedophilia by searching on the CyberAngels web site (

E-Mail Safety
E-mail is an easy and affordable way to stay in touch with relatives, keep up to date with friends and communicate with business associates. Unfortunately, the increased incidents of crime involving e-mail are on the rise. In addition to scams, computer viruses are another rising threat involving e-mail.

Here are some simple rules to follow in protecting yourself when using e-mail:

  • If you do not recognize the sender of the email, do not open it. Simply delete the message.
  • Check with your Online Service Provider about their rules and regulations regarding unwanted e-mails, or if they offer a way to “block” unwanted email.
  • If you receive an e-mail of a violent or offensive nature, report it to your Internet Service Provider. If the problem persists, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Chat Rooms
Chat rooms can be a fun experience. You can share views on politics, TV shows, music, etc. However, you should exercise caution when participating in chats.

Be sure to log into a chat room using an alias as opposed to your user name. Also, do not give out personal information, such as your address, place of employment, etc. Keep in mind that the person you are speaking to is a stranger and may not be who he or she claims they are. Do not answer Instant Messages unless they are from someone you know.

The Internet has opened up many possibilities. Along with this progress come safety concerns. We hope you find these tips useful in helping to protect you and your family. By practicing some of the safety tips mentioned, you may reduce the risk of becoming victimized by the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.

Poison Control Tips

According to the American Association of Poison Control centers, millions of people are unintentionally poisoned every year and children under age six are at the greatest risk. As a leading provider of home security systems, and an advocate for life safety, we wanted to do something to reduce this alarming statistic.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Store all medicines and household products in the original containers.
  • Use child-resistant packages for medicines and potentially dangerous household products.
  • Lock medicines and products out of sight and reach of children.
  • Follow product label warnings about not mixing different products, ventilating the area, or wearing gloves.

Personal Safety Tips

In today’s times, personal safety is a very serious issue. Whether you are at home, at work, in your car or away on vacation, you need to be aware of your surroundings so you can protect yourself and your family from being victimized. Personal safety should never be taken for granted, and we all need to be actively involved and not leave law enforcement to accomplish the task alone. As a leading provider of home security systems, we wanted to help provide materials to concerned families, we believe are helping to create safer communities.

Here are some helpful tips

  • Trim shrubs back to avoid giving burglars cover.
  • Keep garages and sheds closed and locked at all times.
  • When advertising valuable items for sale, give only your phone number, not your street address.
  • Do not leave doors unlocked while working in the yard.
  • Consider installing an electronic security system to monitor for burglary, fire and personal emergency.

Home Invasion Safety Tips

A home invasion is when robbers force their way into an occupied home, apartment or hotel room to commit a robbery or other crime. The entry point of attack is often through the front door, garage or unlocked window. It is very important for the occupant to not automatically open the front door before asking who is there because home invaders often knock on the door first or ring the bell with the hope that the resident will simply open the door, without question, and in most cases people do just that. Sun Ray Fire & Security can provide you with a Home Invasion Safety booklet for you to share with your family.

While You’re Home:

  • Arm your security system (if you have one) even when you are home. This is a common mistake home owners make and home invasion robbers know it.
  • Do not open the door without question at the sound of a knock.
  • Never rely on a chain-latch as a barrier to partially open the door; a home invader will kick in the door.
  • If you are not expecting a package, delivery or service call do not answer the door. Insist that the deliverer provide you with verbal verification of his/her employment and call the company to confirm that the deliverer’s impromptu visit is legitimate. Your front door should remain closed and locked!
  • Keep doors, garage doors and windows locked at all times, even when you are home.
  • Add panic buttons to your security system and place them around your home so you can alert the proper authorities from any location in your home, other than only the keypad.
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss home security plans. The best defense against home invasion is education and planning.


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