Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There is a strange noise. What should I do?

First, try to determine where the noise is coming from. The security system only produces couple of different sounds, and these come from the keypad or the siren. If what you are hearing does not sound familiar, here are some common sounds that are confused with the security system noises:

Chirping (one single beep every minute or so) – Typically, this is coming from one of the smoke detectors that came with your house. It means that the 9-volt battery needs to be replaced. This noise has nothing to do with the security system.

Buzzing – There is nothing that normally buzzes in the security system. In a small number of cases, this noise could be a malfunctioning power supply (transformer). These are plugged into a receptacle in your home, close to the main security box.

Beeping – There are a large number of household items that might be responsible for this noise. We have found many different culprits for this noise: cell phones, fax machines, computers, alarm clocks, etc.

Q: The phone company said that my security system is causing a problem with my phone/ DSL/Internet.
Security System Panel BoxThe best method to check this before ordering service from the phone company or Sun Ray Security is to open your main security panel  (it is a beige metal box usually found in your basement or in a closet that usually has a Sun Ray Security decal on it.)

Inside you will see a 2-inch by 2-inch beige square device with a large phone plug connected to one end of it.

Security System Phone PlugUnplug this and you will remove the security system from the phone line. If this resolves the issue, contact us to schedule service. If this does not resolve the issue, the security system is not interfering with your phone or DSL/Internet connection, and you should contact your telephone provider.

Q: The security system no longer beeps when I open my doors.
Check to ensure that you have your door chime function turned on by viewing at the keypad that it does say the word “Chime”. If you do not see this and would like to enable the chime feature, enter your 4-digit code then 9 consecutively taking no longer than 1 second between key presses.  Follow the same procedure to also toggle off this feature. If the door chime function is turned on and not chiming, contact us to schedule service.

Q: My keypad is beeping and I do not know why.
Systems beep to alert you of a trouble condition or during arming entry/ exit period. Some conditions occur because of situations in the home outside of Sun Ray Security control. Issues such as loss of phones or power are a common occurrence. You can silence the trouble beeps by entering your 4-digit code and Off consecutively taking no longer than 1 second between key presses. You can then view the trouble condition by pressing the Star (*) button.  If after following the troubleshooting guidelines you need service please, contact us to schedule service.

Q: Is there anything I should do regarding my security system if the power goes out?
No. The system comes equipped with a standby battery backup. When the power returns, the system will begin recharging the battery automatically. The system will remain in the same status that it was in when it powered down (i.e. armed if the system was on, off if the system was off).

Q: I tested/ set off the alarm system and no one called me.
Be sure to let the system stay in alarm with the sirens sounding for at least 30 seconds before silencing or canceling the alarm.

For standard telephone clients:
Ensure that your phones are operational by placing a call. If this works, contact us to schedule service.

For VoIP clients:
As above, also ensure that you have an Internet connection. If both are working, contact us to schedule service.

For Cellular/ Radio clients:
Contact us to schedule service.

Q: How do I add a user code?
Only the master code will allow you to add, delete or change other user codes. Each code is associated with a user number. For example, the master code on our First Alert systems is user number 02 and is the most important code as it is the only code that will allow you to make these changes. When programming a new code, all key presses must be entered consecutively taking no longer than 1 second between each  key press.  You can test the new code by trying to arm and disarm using this code. Any additional codes set up for other users such as other family members or neighbors will start at the next available user number and so on. It is always important to keep track and list these users with the name, user code and user number associated and will prove useful to reference when the time comes to make a change. Be sure to always update the user code list with Home Security 1-800-933-4762 and Sun Ray Security for records of who is and is not allowed on the premise. For more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific system, follow this link and click on the system keypad that resembles the model you have or follow the link at the bottom of that page if yours is not listed and do a search for the make and model that you do have.

Q: I am having my door/window replaced, is there anything I should do regarding the security system connection?
Your door or  window installer may take care of this for you. If so, please test the system by turning on your door chimes, open the window(s)/ door(s) and listen for the beep once they have completed the work. If you hear the beep with each opening, the security system has not been affected. If not, or if your carpenter is unable to do this, contact us to schedule service.

Q: When I come in a door, the alarm goes off immediately. Why is this happening?
Are you coming in the correct entry door? Sun Ray Security sets up a limited amount of entry doors for maximum protection. If this is the same door you have always come in and this just started, or if you have changed your main entry point into the house, we may need to reprogram the system to accommodate this. Please contact us to schedule service.

Q: There are no lights on my keypad and the system won’t turn on.

  • Check to make sure that you have power in the home.
  • Ensure that the power supply (transformer) is still plugged into the receptacle.
  • Ensure that all of your breakers are in the “ON” position or reset breaker.
  • The transformer maybe plugged into a resettable ground fault protected receptacle and may need to be reset by simply pushing the reset button.

If all of the above are correct, contact us to schedule service.

TransformerQ: My alarm is going off and I can’t get it to turn off.

  1. Unplug the security system power supply transformer.
  2. Then disconnect or pull off one of the wires that is attached to the battery.
  3. This will power down the security system. Once you have done this, contact us to schedule service.

Q: I am switching my phone service type or provider, is there anything I should do regarding my security system?
Your new provider may take care of reconnecting your system for you. You should test your system once they have completed the work. If the system does not transmit signals through your new provider’s service, or if your new provider is unable to connect the system, contact us to schedule service.


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