Trouble Beeps

All trouble signals and or random beeps will display on the keypad. To silence a trouble signal you must enter your 4-digit code and off. Random or miscellaneous beeps throughout a premise are commonly mistaken to be associated with the security system. Your keypad will display any troubles. If you do not see any troubles on the keypad and or it shows that the system is ready to arm, then the beeping is most likely from something else on the premise such as an existing battery operated smoke or CO detector and it is letting you know that it is time to replace the 9-volt battery inside. Please make sure that this is not the case before requesting for service to avoid an unnecessary service call.

Low Battery Conditions

If trouble beeps are related to a low battery issue, please click here for a battery replacement guide with instructions on what type of batteries to use and how to replace them.

Ademco/Honeywell Vista Troubleshooting

How do I change my master code?
Follow the input sequence below. Only the master code will work for this. This is time sensitive; you will need to push a button every second all the way through the sequence.

(4 digit master code+8+02+new master code new master code, again)
The keypad will give a short beep as confirmation.

How do I add/change/delete a user code?
To add a user code you will first have to assign a user number to the person/group you want to give the code to.  Once you have done this follow the sequence. (4digit master code+8+user number+4 digit user code) Only the master code will allow you to add, delete or change other user codes. You will start by entering the 4-digit master code, 8, followed by the 2-digit user number proceeded by the new 4-digit user code. Each code is associated with a user number. For example, Sun Ray Security has an installer code which lets us in to program the system only, this is user number 01, the master code is user number 02 and is the most important code as is the only code that will allow you to make these changes.  All key presses must be entered consecutively taking no longer than 1 second between each key press.  You can test this code now by entering the 4-digit code and off and listen for the confirmation “beep”. Any additional codes set up for other users such as other family members or neighbors will start at user 03 and so on. It is always important to keep track and list these users with the name, user code and user number associated and will prove useful to reference when the time comes to make a change. Be sure to always update the user code list with Home Security 1-800-933-4762 and Sun Ray for records of who is and is not allowed on the premise.

  • To change a user code simply follow the steps above and insert a new 4 digit user code.
  • To delete a user code, follow the steps below.
    (4 digit master code+8+the user number to delete+*(star button))
    The keypad will give a short beep as confirmation

I cannot arm my system and do not know why.
Several things can affect your ability to arm your system. The first place to look is your keypad. Is the green light lit on your keypad? If not see below. If it is on, are you using the correct code? Are you using the correct arming sequence?

My keypad is displaying something I haven’t seen before.
Below are some commonly seen trouble conditions and a short explanation.

  • FC Indicates that a failure has occurred in the telephone communication portion of your system. Please test the system (see below) to see if service has been restored. Contact us for service.
  • For cellular service customers: Cellular service may be interrupted for short periods of time due to reasons such as cellular tower maintenance and, atmospheric interference.  Please test the system (see below) to see if service has been restored. Attempt the test again if unsuccessful after an hour.
  • BAT Indicates that a low system battery accompanied by “beeping” at the keypad. If this condition persists for more than one day (with AC present) contact us for service.
  • Bat + Zone number Indicates that there is a low battery condition in the wireless transmitter on the zone displayed. Accompanied by a single “beep” (about once every 30 seconds) at the keypad. Either replace the battery yourself, or contact us for service. Click here for a battery replacement guide with instructions on what type of batteries to use and how to replace them. If the battery is not replaced within 30 days, a CHECK display may occur.
  • No AC Check to make sure that you have power in the home.
  • Ensure that the power supply (transformer) is still plugged into the receptacle.
  • Ensure that all of your breakers are in the “ON” position or reset breaker.
  • The transformer maybe plugged into a resettable ground fault protected receptacle and may need to be reset by simply pushing the reset button.

If all of the above are correct, contact us to schedule service.

  • The system is operating on battery power only due to an AC power failure. If only some lights are out on the premises, check circuit breakers and fuses and reset or replace as necessary. If AC power cannot be restored and a “low system battery” message appears. Contact us for service.

How do I test my system?
Call the monitoring center at 1-800-933-4762. You will need to supply them with your account number and your password. Ask them to put your account on test for one hour. (Longer if you feel it is necessary. Be aware that the system will automatically come out of test at the end of this time; and while it is in test the monitoring center will not call anyone when they receive a signal.) Test your system by arming it, and then setting it off by opening a door/ window or walking through a motion area. Allow the siren to stay on for about 45 seconds and then turn the system off. Be sure to reset the system after you turn it off. Call the monitoring center and ask them what signals they have received. Once they have successfully received the signals, ask them to take your system out of test. If no signals were received send us a request for service and we will schedule a service appointment with you. “FC” will appear on your keypad shortly.

My system is beeping at me for no reason, what do I do?
To silence the beeping simply press any button. Or press in your code+1. Please note that the screen should be displaying a trouble condition on the keypad. Please take note of it and then see “My keypad is displaying something I haven’t seen before.”

How do I reset my system?
Enter the “OFF” sequence twice. (4 digit master code+1)

My system went off and no one called me.
You may have an issue with your communications method.

If you have traditional phone lines, check to see if your home phones are functional. If they are not open your main security panel  (it is a beige metal box usually found in your basement or in a closet that usually has a Sun Ray Security decal on it.)

Inside you will see a 2-inch by 2-inch beige square device with a large phone plug connected to one end of it.

Unplug this and you will remove the security system from the phone line. If this resolves the issue, contact us to schedule service. If this does not resolve the issue, the security system is not interfering with your phone or DSL/Internet connection, and you should contact your telephone provider.

  • If you have VOIP phones (Comcast, Vonage, etc.) follow the steps above. Try the test a second time after about a half hour. Because of the nature of VOIP phones it may be that local bandwidth usage impaired the signal sent.
  • If you are using a Cellular/Radio communications method, try retesting after a half hour. If there is still no response contact us using the request service link and we will schedule a service call with you.

Is there somewhere that I can find the answers to my questions?
Your user manual is an excellent source of information on your system. It goes into much more detail than we have the space for in the Troubleshooting FAQs.  For your convenience we have included downloadable copies (PDF format) for the systems we offer.

The green light is not on, what causes this?
When a zone is not closed the green light will remain off until it has been closed. Push the *(star button) the keypad will then display the zone/s that are open. Check to be sure that the items on the zone are closed securely. If they appear to be shut securely and the light is still off, try opening and closing them again. Sometimes the item appears shut but is not shut all the way. (This is especially true of window contacts.) If the zone displayed is a Motion detector have everyone in the room standstill and check again. If none of these suggestions work, please contact us for service.

How do I arm my system?
There are four different ways to arm your system. An explanation follows each setting.

  • Away– 4 digit code+2 Arms the entire system and allows an entry delay.
  • Stay-4 digit code+3 Arms the system with the motion detectors off and allows an entry delay.
  • Maximum– 4 digit code+4 Arms the entire system and does not allow an entry delay (nighttime setting).
  • Instant– 4 digit code+7 Arms the system with motion detectors off and does not allow an entry delay (nighttime setting).

How do I disarm my system?
4 digit code+1 turns the entire system off.


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